The Dr. Abahy Kamath

Head of department, KMC Dental College, Manipal.
Living in Kirthi Hanover, Manipal.

Thank you for your assistance in buying a home. I appreciate your constant communication throughout the process of buying the apartment at Kirthi Hanovar. Your understanding of the real estate market and the advice that you provided is invaluable in securing a good home, for a prospective client.

Rajkumar Palan

Mr. Rajkumar Palan

President, Kannada Sangha, Bahrain

We have booked a flat in Kirthi Silevery Moon, Udupi. The guidance of Mr. Sudhir Shetty, Executive Director of Kirthi Construction, has been a major factor for that influenced our decision to buy an apartment T Kirthi Silvery Moon, Udupi. Now we are happy with this decision and their services. I hope we will get the same services and facilities from the organization in future.

MR.Apolin Quaras

Mr. Apolin Quadros. Dubai

Living in pride of Udupi Kirthi Momento

I decided to invest in Real Estate in Udupi /Manipal, I was looking for very good returns on my investment & value for money. This was my first ever experience with Kirthi Constuction when I met their Executive Director at Manipal site. Though I met with many property brokers during my evaluation at different sites, the experience with Kirthi onstruction was totally different and to a great extent, met my expectations. I could experience total professionalism in the overall approach & am delighted to book my apartment through them.

Staly Monis

Stanly Monis Dubai

When we bought an apartment in Kirthi Samrat Manipal, it was absolutely great feeling. The location is ideal and the developer had obviously thought about the apartments before building. The advice about the promoter and their attention to minute detail in construction was completely accurate and we could not have asked for more.

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